Thursday, January 27, 2011

Da Nile: More than just a river in Africa

We drove across the border to Uganda this past weekend and rafted the Nile. In one day we went through four grade 5 rapids and three or four grade 4 rapids.. our raft flipped three times. It was too good.
We left Kijabe at around 7 on Friday morning, and arrived at the hostel a little over ten hours later. Hostels are funny places.. little islands of white Americans in the midst of a foreign land. Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Taio Cruz... they're there doing what they do. There is the classic group of 20-somethings drunk in the middle of the night, going out on "the town".. which in Jinja, Uganda could mean really anything. Hostels are just funny.

Saturday was our day on the river, and it was wild and crazy and FUN. There were five of us, so we needed one more person in the boat. We picked up this guy Johnathon from Texas... pretty weird guy. I didn't realize that a lot of people actually think that sticking your paddle in the water counts as rowing. I mean.. the boat is moving forward, so if you just set the paddle down in the water it will move back relative to the position of the boat. I was sitting behind him, sort of just trying to wait until he lifted his oar out of the water to make room for me to do a nice, deep push. It made me laugh. Struggle times for Johnathon.
 The point is, it was super fun and if any of you have the chance to raft the Nile- definitely jump on it. They are apparently putting a big dam in the part of the river that we rafted down so the rapids that we went through will be gone, sadly. But, in case you aren't aware- the Nile is a long river, and there are other rapids... and Africa needs electricity more than it needs a few rapids.


  1. Great post....johnathon sounds like a real character! who did the scouting report and recruited the weak link? someone needs to be fired...

  2. Sweet, you guys are having all the fun! Love, Uncle Mark