Thursday, May 26, 2011

Morgy's Here

Morgan flew in Saturday night for a two week visit. It's nice and sort of strange for me to see one of my friends. I'm realizing how little time I have left here, and am starting to think more about going home and what that will be like. I haven't seen my friends in months... going on almost a year for some of them. I haven't driven a car since, been to school, worn a coat, or done loads of other things since December or January. I miss Americans and I miss Seattle.

But there is plenty here in Kenya that I will miss too. The weather, the sky, the slower pace of life, the chapati and chai, the acacia trees, the pikis, the exotic animals, the sky, cheap things... lots! Africa is so different than home, which makes it both lonely and exciting. With the time ticking so steadily, there's a whole list of things I want to be sure and do before I fly out.

John has a few volleyball games left. It's been fun for him to have the opportunity to play, and I've really enjoyed watching. He and I have had some great times together here, lots of sibling bonding in our small little apartment in Kijabe. I'm glad he's coming home so soon after I do.

My dad's been out of the country for almost a week now, lecturing at a medical school and working in a clinic. When he returns, we have plans to go on safari in Nakuru and hopefully visit Kembu Farm (this really neat knitting project in Nakuru). Tomorrow, my mom and I are taking Morgan to the Masai Market to try out some of her bargaining skills.

Ali and Myles are still on their big trip, which is so strange to think! It feels like forever ago that they were here with us. They have checked in a couple of times to let us know they are fine. After a couple of days in Paris, they'll be flying back home. I think we're all excited to be back together again in Seattle.

That's the short little summary of what's happening around here...

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