Friday, March 11, 2011


1-0 victory yesterday in the JV girls soccer league championship. We had an undefeated season, with only one goal scored against us. The girls were ecstatic.. they are just the cutest. We played in the semis on Wednesday in what was a very close game- it went all the way to the 6th PK! My girls were strangely composed, every PK was on frame.. !? I was very impressed with them. We also won the sportsmanship award, which was a surprise ;) So we came home with lots of hardware. Coaching turned out to be much more fun and "awarding" than I had anticipated. I will miss my little girlies.

JV boys basketball also won their league... John sauntered up to receive the awards in a very John-like fashion. A little wave of "FISH" chants followed.

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  1. Great I am glad John could play BB there. It will a great memory for him. Tell him congradulations. Love, Uncle Mark