Thursday, March 3, 2011

Updates from Kanjabee

I have developed a routine here the last few weeks. I do more or less the same thing each day...

1. Wake up and drink my coffee
2. Go down to the hospital for a few hours
3. Eat lunch and go for a run
4. Soccer practice
5. Dinner
6. Watch Rome with John (this only happens like 10-15% of the time)
7. Go to bed

John and I finished the Wire weeks ago unfortunately. We are big fans of the Wire, so that was a sad day. Rome is also HBO, so we assumed it would be a quality show- but it's sort of letting us down (no offense Michael, it's far better than nothing). It's just over the top erotic at times, and not the best story line. But we are persevering. After all there is no Hulu in Africa.

There is also this amazing tree here that I love to walk down to.. I sit there to listen to music and soak up the sun. It's very quiet and secluded- no one ever walks by. You can hear the soft sound of the cowbells from down below in the valley. It's peaceful. So that activity fits into #3b on my list above, replacing the run. A great replacement if you ask me.

Today is a special day, full of other activities.. because we are now on day 3 of no running water. So I get to add things to my list such as: fetch water for washing dishes, fetch water for flushing the toilet, fetch water for drinking, fetch water for cooking. It's just so much FUN! Honestly, I can't complain too much- our next door neighbors have running water, it could be wayyy worse. I still get to take showers every day, so the living's easy.

I skipped #2 on the list today, so I'm charging forth to #3b now...

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  1. Oops. Sorry about Rome. Over-the-top erotic wasn't quite what I was shooting for.